Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Sequencing

Hello All!

With all of the excitement of the end of the semester and business of the "testing" season, I wanted to add a little Christmas cheer in my room and do a fun activity to go along with our reading skill.

We have been focusing on story sequencing, so after one of our monotonous quarterly assessments we read "The Night Before Christmas" and made a sequence film (kind of like a movie film) about 6 important events that happened in the story. First, we discussed what 6 events we wanted. I put them on the board (not in sequential order) ad the kiddos had to put them in the correct order on their sequence film. Thanks to, the sequence film fit in perfectly to our lesson!

Here are some images I took of my students working and one of the finished products:

Might I add, we listened to some Holiday tunes while working. It seems to calm them down and help them focus more. This may become a usual occurrence in this class!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rockin' out during Centers


Today, I got the urge to take some images of some of my hard-working kiddos while they were in centers. I am so proud of how hard they have been working, I just wanted to highlight some of the hard work they did today. (I love these kids, can't you tell!)

This is one of my students hard are work figuring our the Main Idea and Supporting Detail of different paragraphs.

This is another student working hard on Main Idea and Supporting Details.

Here are two of my students working on some Cupcake Compound Words. The students are pairing up two words to make new compound words.

This is just an image of a Story Extension game. The students lay all of the question cards face down. After reading the book, the students pick up cards one at a time and answer the questions based on the book they read.

This just shows a sample of a students work during Story Extensions.

 In this center, students match up words that are Synonyms.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how awesome my kids are during center time. It took a while, but I think we are getting the hang of this!

Until Next Time,

Ms. Roach

Hello Followers,

Well, as promised, here are some images of my kiddos and their Text Features Booklets:

These are the Text features booklets that Mrs. Delk found for third grade to do. I believe she found these on Teachers Pay Teachers or a teaching blog from a WONDERFUL person who posted it for our use :) We worked on these booklets for two weeks, and finally finished them today.

These kids REALLY enjoyed this project! I plan to allow them to use these booklets on a short quiz over these items. Since we have spent so much time on these booklets, we will be using them throughout the year with different things we discuss.

Until Next Time,

Ms. Roach

Monday, December 3, 2012

Types of Sentences

Hello All,

This week, we are starting to distinguish between different types of sentences; declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. Here is an anchor chart my class made in order to distinguish between the four.

With this posted throughout the week, the students can refer to it in order to get help whenever needed in the lessons.

Thanks, again for tuning in!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

Nonfiction Guru's


Over the past several weeks, we have been focusing on Fiction and Nonfiction text features. Just this week, we started making a booklet of Nonfiction text features (post to come!). Here are some images of what we have been doing so far.

This is the third grade bulletin board that Ms. Chastain and myself made to update the school on whats happening. My class made this anchor chart about Fiction and Nonfiction text features.

This is a bulletin board that Mrs. Delk made to highlight example of the Nonfiction text features we have been working on.

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

A New Way of Thinking about Mathematics

Hello Followers!

We have been working VERY hard on a new way to think about mathematics here at CHES. This isn't just for third grade, but for the entire school. We have started using a four square model to think about math problems in a new, more in depth way. Our math coach, Mrs. Custer, made posters to keep in the rooms ad for all the students to have in order to help aid their discovery in mathematics.

Here is an example of what they look like:

In our room, we have been working on getting used to using this model in our Problem of The Day. Here are some examples of what my brilliant children have been able to do. Such a proud teacher with this hard work!

This shows how we start out four-squares:

This is what they look like when they are finished:

Aren't they just BRILLIANT in their thinking? The main things we as a class are focusing on is labeling all of our work and getting better at justifying our answers in words. 

By doing this everyday in mathematics, the kids at CHES will move leaps and bounds! WE CAN DO IT!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

Citizens CAN Make a Difference!

Long time no blog. We have been a very busy third grade class! I thought I would post an update of what we are working on this week in all subjects just to get our followers caught up.

This week, and last week, in Social Studies we have been talking about citizenship, our rights and responsibilities, and what it takes to become a citizen of the United States.

Here are some images of fun things we have done. Thanks to Mrs. Delk for all of her handy work on making our activities.

The kids really enjoyed going over citizenship!

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1 "Whirlwind"


What a crazy, amazing, unreal, whirlwind of a day. The first day of school is always a blast, but on the teacher's end it seemed to go by faster than any day I have ever taught.

Unfortunately, I do not have fun photos and anecdotes to share, due to the complete lack of remembrance on by part. However, I can share just how the day went...

Once the craziness of the first day morning routines subsided (attendance, going home routines, interest survey, etc.), it was time to begin the day with a story. Although it is somewhat young for my third graders, I read "Franklin Goes to School."

 I chose this book for my kiddos because I wanted to model making connections for them.  This book is about Franklin being nervous about his first day, but soon forgetting about his nervousness because he had so much fun.  This story seemed the most fitting since I am a new kid in a new school (even though I AM the teacher).

After the story, the students began to browse through the reading center and chose several books to begin reading, if possible.  We quickly went over a "Just Right Book" so the students would be prepared to find a book that best suited them.  Then, it was silent reading time.  I used this time to disburse some of the school supplies to the students (assignment book, take home folder, etc.).

Then, my favorite time of the day had arrived, MATH! I was so excited to get started with math that I just couldn't help but to start early. Today's topic was beginning to review with place-value. it took the students a moment to remember what they had learned from 2nd grade in place-value, but soon came around to remembering.  We reviewed with place-value on and off throughout the day in order for me to get an idea of where to go next. I also had the students take a placement test for math. This test will help me track where the students are before we get into the "meat" of the year.

Once we got through some of the boring stuff (expectations, procedures, blah blah blah), it was time to pull out a somewhat "fun" activity.  I had the students write their name in the middle of a piece of construction paper, then draw all around the name with things that they like or that represent them.  Some of the kiddos didn't quite understand the assignment, but still worked hard to make their pictures nice.  Although they DID NOT like it, i made them present their piece to the class with an explanation.  This was like pulling teeth, but they did a great job!

Lunch and recess came and went entirely too fast, but afterwards I wanted to talk with the students about some more procedures that we missed earlier in the day. Then, I wanted to check to see what they knew as far as basic sentence structure, and luckily for me, they were spot on! They knew right off the bat that a sentence begins with a capital letter, and ends with a punctuation mark. I was elated! SUCCESS in the language department. So, we then did some Daily Fix-it sentences to test what I thought they knew, and by golly they got it! Whoop! I was proud :)

Before I knew it, it came time to discuss the afternoon dismissal procedures and going home. I missed my babies as soon as they left, but am thankful for a time of rest.

The first day was great, but I look forward to the rest of the days with my Rockstars. I think this is going to be a rockin' year.

Until next time....


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's almost here!

Hello, All!

Well, I decided to take my last day before school begins for teachers away from school and post something else about the construction of the Rock star room. On Monday, I was able to finish up a lot of what I wanted to get done before school started. Although it isn't completely done, I believe what I have done so far is great for starting off the year right.

Here are some photos and explanations of my successful Monday:

 All classrooms need a good word wall in order to post words the students are focusing on in certain content areas.  From what I have gathered through my New Teacher meetings is that math and reading devote the most attention to words for the word wall.  

This bulletin board was constructed solely for the purpose of posting outstanding work from the students.  Goin along with the theme of Rockstars, I chose to title the wall 'Rockstar Swag." I thought the students might get a kick out of this since swag is a "happenin" term. :)

Next, I knew I needed to finalize my voice levels board before I could go further. This one still needs some work. I am not totally sold on using the sentence strip holders for the Noise-O-Meter. I may just post it on a poster board instead. I haven't totally figured it out....

THIS, however, I am in love with. Posting objectives for different subjects is a must-have in an effective classroom.  After seeing this concept used from a teacher (whom I adore), I knew this would be a no-brainer. The sentence strips are wet erase, so I can reuse them. Conservation, people... Conservation.

This is my cute little "everything" station.  Once I get a label maker, the drawers will be labeled with different subjects and tasks so the students have a drawer for turning in work.

The top of the "everything" station holds the contents which makes me name is the "everything" station.  I have a whiteboard titled "Who's Out" in which students will sign in and out on whenever they leave class, accompanied by the homemade hall passes.  Also, the sharp and dull pencils along with the pencil sharpener are positioned on the front.  On the back of the station are the contents used for updating the calender. As you can see, this station holds everything.

Now, on to my favorite part of the room, the reading nook. I finally obtained rugs and got all of my book boxes labeled. This will be a cozy area for the students to read and write during the different workshops. If I could teach here all day with my kiddos, I totally would.

These are the labeled book boxes. I put my books in genres, collections, and levels (just leveled readers put together). This way, when either myself or my students are looking for a certain book,  they will know where to find it by the box it belongs to.

Here I have my chapter books and miscellaneous picture books for students to look through as well. I didn't want to sort all the books because I wanted to give the students the option of trying something new without a label if they wanted to.

OVERALL, Monday was a great, successful day in the classroom. I was able to accomplish a lot of what I wanted to accomplish. I also moved the desks to a different setup for the first few weeks. It will make it easier to figure out the students names and figure them out as people; then we will move to pods.

Thanks for reading up on my progress. I appreciate all of the views I have had so far.

Until next time,

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Inspired Crafts

Long time, no blog, fellow bloggers.

Sorry, I have been out of commission for a while, I have been attending several New Teacher meetings. Fortunately for me, these meetings gave me multiple ideas for new posters for my classroom.  On Thursday (July 26th), I had the privilege to hear a speaker by the name of Chelonnda Seroyer (Harry Wong's protege!). In this workshop, we talked a lot about classroom management and procedures.  This is what led to my making these 3 posters to put up in my room.  Without the guidance of this workshop, I would still probably be searching for ideas.

Any-who, here are the photos along with an explanation of how they work:

To begin, I decided to make a poster that showed the expectations I have of the students while others are speaking.  This is a system wide expectation and if explained during Reading Workshop throughout Hamilton Count.  Acronyms are easy for students to remember, which makes this one a no-brainer.  Not only will I explain this poster on our first day or two of Reading Workshop, I will also be referencing this throughout the year.

Before the workshop, I hadn't even thought of having my students use hand signals.  While I had heard of them before, I never really considered using them in my room. After speaking with my fellow new teachers as well as hearing from Chelonnda how great they work, I decided to give them a shot.  When using these, the students do not have to talk out while I am teaching.  they simply, give the signal and I say "yes," "no," or "wait til later."

This poster was definitely going to be a must in my room.  Students often time find themselves searching aimlessly for "What's Next" when they finish an assignment.  After going over these options with the students (along with having them posted), every child should understand what are feasible options for transition activities.

I had NEVER even thought about needing hall passes. However, the more we talked about it, the more I realized I needed them.  That way, I can track if someone is missing by the missing pass.  Also, I have a small whiteboard where the students will sign in and out on when leaving the room (sorry, no picture for this one!)

Now, I hope you have enjoyed seeing the crafts that I have done thus far.  I am not the craftiest of the bunch, so these are superb for my capabilities.  

See ya next time, bloggers!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Stars, Batman!


What a day...

Needless to say, I had a busy/ productive half day in the classroom today.  Since I had everything laminated and ready to go, I was able to get right to work as soon as I got to the room. Thankfully, I had the help of my cousin, Morgan, which helped condense the work load a tad.

Today was about decorating, putting up the border to my bulletin boards, and organizing my books.  Morgans mission: to put up all of the bulletin boarder around the bulletins boards and the white board. My mission: organize the TONS of books that were in the room when I first began this journey.  Withing the three hours we were there, all of these things were accomplished, minus a few things I will have to wait and do closer to school time.

Here are some photos and explanations of what we accomplished:

Morgan's mission: bulletin boarder 

In this photo, Morgan posted the red boarder on the outside bulletin board. This will be my "Welcome" board.  I went ahead and put up the signs, but will have to add more when I get my class list of students.

Here, as you can see, is the calender/schedule/weather/miscellaneous board at the front of the room.  Morgan did the red boarder, and I went ahead and put up a few of the things I wanted on the board.  I am missing a few thing, but those things will be posted closer to school.

In this photo, you can see that Morgan had her work cut out for her.  She was SO helpful, though.  She managed to put up all of my "gel stars" boarder on these very long, skinny bulletin boards. These are bare right now, but will be covered with posters/ behavior charts by the beginning of the school year.

This is a picture of the "gel stars" boarder around the white board.  The board was so white, and I wanted to give it a little color to work with. Thankfully, again, I had Morgan. I don't know what I would've done without her...

My mission: organize books and reading center

With all of the books that were provided from the school, I knew I would need to organize them by genre, topic, level, etc.  This took almost the entire three hours.  However, in the long run, it will all be worth it.

These are the books... organized :)
I do not have them labeled yet (due to not having proper labels), but they are in the order that I am happy with.  You may see I have some empty space, this is great! I have books at home that I want to share with the kids, so this is my next mission for the reading center.

This image shows the new pillows I got for my reading center.  Studies have shown that students comprehend better when reading comfortably.  I wanted my kids to have something to lean on (HeeHee).  However, I am missing rugs, so that is my next mission (the ones standing up are not mine).

This is just a closer look at the pillow area/book area. I thought it was cute and wanted a picture :)

After we both finished, I needed to tidy up and take a picture of the whole room after some stars (by some, I mean a lot) had been put in place. Here is the final product of Day 3.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the progress Morgan and I were able to make today.  As I mentioned, I don't know what I'd do without her help. I would probably still be there...

See ya next time :)


Monday, July 16, 2012

A "Rockstar" Classroom in the Making

Hello All!

Well, today was my second day in the classroom.  The "Rockstar" classroom is coming along slowly, but surely.

(Preface: I do not have pictures and commentary about Day 1 because it was such a blur. A busy, busy blur.)

Any who, today was a day full of organizing and cleaning.  The room needed to be cleaned, so that was my first duty of the day.  Once this was done, I was able to move things around to get them in better order of how I wanted them to be (desks, tables, etc.). Here are some pictures of how I started my day:

After I cleaned everything, I decided all of my junk needed to get off the tables, and into the cabinets, organized.  Not only did I organize my things I brought from home, I also began organizing my leveled readers, and books provided by the school.  This was a little too much for me today, so I chose to leave the rest of the books to work on tomorrow... Maybe... 

Here are the pictures of the aftermath of today. Not too entirely different, but much more clean and organized:

Well, today wasn't entirely too interesting, but I am slowly getting the hang of where I want things, and how things will be set in the classroom.  All I need now is my "Rockstar" attire and Roach's Rockstar's will be close to finished.

Thanks for tuning in! See ya next time!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Normal Park Museum Magnet Schools "Great Start" Program

Hello All!

Yesterday, I attended my first Professional Development Meeting with Hamilton County.  Our mission: to observe the works of the different teachers at Normal Park Museum Magnet Schools "Great Start" program. This program was designed to help students who needed a little extra push, as well as transitioning new students into the school.  Since I will be teaching 3rd grade, I was assigned to observe the third grade class with Ms. Hassler.

To begin the day, the students jumped directly into working on the Daily Five.  Now, I have had heard of the Daily Five before, but had never seen it in action.  This was outstanding!  The students had a choice of several things to do while in the rotation (read to self, read to someone, writing, word work) before working with Ms. Hassler in a Guided Reading setting.  The teacher had posters posted throughout the room to guide the students during the Daily Five rotation.

After this rotation, the students went to snack.  Well, I didn't bring a snack, so I decided to snoop around the school and observe all of the amazing projects that were on exhibit.  The first thing my colleague and myself stumbled upon were Mathematical Folktales presented in the Auditorium.  Although I could not get a sufficient image of one of the folktales (they were huge!), I was able to get an overview picture to share:

Below is an example of one of the explanations of a folktale that a student created:

After being a little snoop for a few minutes, we went back to class where the students began working on Math. During the Math lesson, Ms. Hassler worked with the students on Subtraction/ Subtraction with regrouping.  In this lesson, the students did journal writing in their journal with a word problem created by the teacher.  Then, the class met on the carpet and worked on using base ten blocks and a mat to work on subtraction problems.  This only lasted several minutes and the students went back to their seats to work on a worksheet of addition and subtraction for several minutes.

Then it was time for Module.  During Module, the students work on what they are going to be doing for Exhibit.  Since Normal Park is a Museum Magnet school, they often do exhibits to showcase what the students have been learning and working on (During the school year, this happens every 9 weeks).  The students in the Great Start program were working on finalizing their projects because exhibit was the next day.  In the 3rd grade class I was observing, the students had been learning about the swamp lands. Each students had an exhibit project along with an explanation of their project.  Here are some examples of what the students had finished at this time:

This exhibit was on the alligators that live in the swamp lands.

The cypress tree is a natural element of the swamp lands:

This exhibit was about Lily Pads in the swamp lands:

The Red Tail Hawk is one of the organisms that lives in the swamp lands:

This is part 1 and 2 of a swamp diagram made by two students in the class:
While the students finished Module, I decided to walk around again.there were so many projects throughout the school, I could only get pictures of some of the collections.  The two collections that struck my eye the most were the Metamorphosis exhibit and the Civil War exhibit:

Metamorphosis Exhibit:

Civil War Exhibit:

Overall: It was an awesome day! I learned so many new things and saw many different projects that could be adapted to a 3rd grade level.  Our schools may be different, but I believe all children have the ability to create while learning.  The "Great Start" program seemed to be a success, and I was able to gain so much from this experience.

Talk to ya next time!