Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Stars, Batman!


What a day...

Needless to say, I had a busy/ productive half day in the classroom today.  Since I had everything laminated and ready to go, I was able to get right to work as soon as I got to the room. Thankfully, I had the help of my cousin, Morgan, which helped condense the work load a tad.

Today was about decorating, putting up the border to my bulletin boards, and organizing my books.  Morgans mission: to put up all of the bulletin boarder around the bulletins boards and the white board. My mission: organize the TONS of books that were in the room when I first began this journey.  Withing the three hours we were there, all of these things were accomplished, minus a few things I will have to wait and do closer to school time.

Here are some photos and explanations of what we accomplished:

Morgan's mission: bulletin boarder 

In this photo, Morgan posted the red boarder on the outside bulletin board. This will be my "Welcome" board.  I went ahead and put up the signs, but will have to add more when I get my class list of students.

Here, as you can see, is the calender/schedule/weather/miscellaneous board at the front of the room.  Morgan did the red boarder, and I went ahead and put up a few of the things I wanted on the board.  I am missing a few thing, but those things will be posted closer to school.

In this photo, you can see that Morgan had her work cut out for her.  She was SO helpful, though.  She managed to put up all of my "gel stars" boarder on these very long, skinny bulletin boards. These are bare right now, but will be covered with posters/ behavior charts by the beginning of the school year.

This is a picture of the "gel stars" boarder around the white board.  The board was so white, and I wanted to give it a little color to work with. Thankfully, again, I had Morgan. I don't know what I would've done without her...

My mission: organize books and reading center

With all of the books that were provided from the school, I knew I would need to organize them by genre, topic, level, etc.  This took almost the entire three hours.  However, in the long run, it will all be worth it.

These are the books... organized :)
I do not have them labeled yet (due to not having proper labels), but they are in the order that I am happy with.  You may see I have some empty space, this is great! I have books at home that I want to share with the kids, so this is my next mission for the reading center.

This image shows the new pillows I got for my reading center.  Studies have shown that students comprehend better when reading comfortably.  I wanted my kids to have something to lean on (HeeHee).  However, I am missing rugs, so that is my next mission (the ones standing up are not mine).

This is just a closer look at the pillow area/book area. I thought it was cute and wanted a picture :)

After we both finished, I needed to tidy up and take a picture of the whole room after some stars (by some, I mean a lot) had been put in place. Here is the final product of Day 3.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the progress Morgan and I were able to make today.  As I mentioned, I don't know what I'd do without her help. I would probably still be there...

See ya next time :)


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  1. You got it goin on girl! You were made for this.