Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Sequencing

Hello All!

With all of the excitement of the end of the semester and business of the "testing" season, I wanted to add a little Christmas cheer in my room and do a fun activity to go along with our reading skill.

We have been focusing on story sequencing, so after one of our monotonous quarterly assessments we read "The Night Before Christmas" and made a sequence film (kind of like a movie film) about 6 important events that happened in the story. First, we discussed what 6 events we wanted. I put them on the board (not in sequential order) ad the kiddos had to put them in the correct order on their sequence film. Thanks to, the sequence film fit in perfectly to our lesson!

Here are some images I took of my students working and one of the finished products:

Might I add, we listened to some Holiday tunes while working. It seems to calm them down and help them focus more. This may become a usual occurrence in this class!

Until next time,

Ms. Roach

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  1. Love it! My kids loved the activity (after I stole it from you). :)