Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello Followers,

Well, as promised, here are some images of my kiddos and their Text Features Booklets:

These are the Text features booklets that Mrs. Delk found for third grade to do. I believe she found these on Teachers Pay Teachers or a teaching blog from a WONDERFUL person who posted it for our use :) We worked on these booklets for two weeks, and finally finished them today.

These kids REALLY enjoyed this project! I plan to allow them to use these booklets on a short quiz over these items. Since we have spent so much time on these booklets, we will be using them throughout the year with different things we discuss.

Until Next Time,

Ms. Roach

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  1. Mrs. Anderson was so impressed with 3rd grade's work that she wanted the booklet for her 4th graders as well! Thank you, Ms. Roach for making the text samples document for the text features that were hard to find!