Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ready for a new year... I think...

Well, another year is upon us and I am already running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Summer is slowly winding down (only a couple weeks left) and I have started the tying things ready for a new year.
This new year has several new things for me to look forward too:
1. I will be a moving up to fourth grade with my same kiddos from this past year.
2. I will be teaching only math, science, and some writing. This means I will now have two classes.
3. I have a new team of amazing teachers to work with.
4. I get to start fresh and expand on my teaching practices.
Number 4 is the on I am focusing on with this post. Last year,I was very focused on having great classroom management, which worked out well for my first year. Now, in my second year, I want to focus on refining my practices as an educator. I have done much research on certain practices and behaviors I want to have in my classroom this year. Thanks to Pinterest, I have found inspiration and made multiple posters to help guide myself and my students throughout the year. Here are the ones I have made thus far:

 My students often times find it difficult when trying to start a journal prompt. I found something similar to this on my Pinterest page, and thought it would be a good idea to have hanging in my room at all times so that they will be able to have a starting point.

Also, I wanted to set up my "rules" a little differently this year. I found this through Pinterest as well under "Classroom Norms." I want to introduce this to both classes on the first day and refer back to it throughout the entire year.
We have procedures for when there is a speaker in place already in our county, but I liked this better.

Last year, I found it hard when students would work together and not understanding the expectations I had for them. This will create a sense of what is expected every time.

In Hamilton County, we use something called Best Practices in Mathematics (which is very consistent with Common Core) to teach the students to think beyond a basic math problem. I think that this will help my students understand what we as a class "can" accomplish in mathematics.

Justification is a huge part of Best Practices in Mathematics. Like I mentioned previously, my students sometimes find it hard to know how to start. These are sentence starters I made for when my students are justifying their answer.

This is something I created on my own last year, but refined a little bit for this coming school year. Having my students know their options for what to do if they finish something early worked out really well. They didn't have to always ask me for something to do because I had several things posted for them to do.
Well, getting all these posters has lit a fire under me, and I am ready for this coming year! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me, and more importantly, for my students!
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  1. I love the group poster! I am totally stealing it!